Empowering Women & Children:-

Inayat is an NGO -Empowering Women and Children based in India, founded by Ms. Nandini Goel, that primarily works to empower women and children. We operate through multiple platforms, be it through social media advocacy campaigns, on-ground donation drives, or fundraising. We cover various thematic areas of education, mental health, and well-being, the welfare of senior citizens, menstrual hygiene awareness, and environmental sustainability. In our two years of operations, we have successfully conducted campaigns on mental health, menstrual hygiene, education, and clothes and stationery donations, amongst others. We have also collaborated with other organizations, such as Beyond Stigma and Flames of Justice, to increase reach and help more people. Through our work, we hope to embody the meaning of our name ‘Inayat’, and be a blessing to the people around us.


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NGO -Empowering Women and Children


Celebrating 100 Years of Success!!

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