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Companies Established

Founded in 1921, the MansinghGoel Group has grown into a diverse conglomerate underpinned by tradition and innovation. From humble beginnings as forest contractors, we now lead in various sectors including manufacturing, education, and entertainment, committed to excellence and community empowerment.

Our legacy is built on visionary leadership and a relentless pursuit of progress.


Our Ventures

Let’s explore our journey from 1921 till 2024, how generations have continue to respect the tradition of serving people with our involvement from small business to becoming pioneer in best education in India.

Beginning the journey

Mr. Mansingh and Mr. Nathooram initiate the family business, starting as Forest Contractors in Mailani (Kheri, UP)

1935 - 1945
Adding a vertical
Mr. Sitaram Goel begins to manage a Food Grain Trading business in Ateli, Haryana
Entering a new market
Mr. Sitaram Goel, initiating a new business vertical, joins Timber Trading business
Stepping further

Mr. Mansingh and Mr. Sitaram jointly setup a Sawmill Unit in Mailani (Lakhimpur, UP)

A new force enters
Mr. Nityanand, Mr Nathooram’s grandson, joins the Timber Business after completing his Engineering Degree in Mining, shapes Mansingh Goel Group
The family moves
The Goel Family migrates to Mailani (Lakhimpur, UP)
Taking on a new role
Mr. Nityanand becomes a Forest Contractor in Nepal, operating from Nishangarha (Bahraich, UP)
Adding another vertical
Mr. Nityanand establishes a Rice Mill in Banda (Shahjahanpur, UP)
Brothers stand united
The Goel brothers start a Brick Kiln in Mailani (Lakhimpur, UP)
Establishing Goel Timber in Lucknow

Launched a sawmill in Daliganj Lucknow, marking a significant expansion in our timber business.

Growing stronger
The Goel Family starts a new business in Tiles, Timber, Marble, Plywood under the name, Goel Marbo Granit
A new setup
A Cold Storage Unit is setup in Kheri (Lakhimpur, UP)
Entering the education segment
Mansingh Goel Group establishes a premiere educational institution under the franchise of the esteemed GD Goenka Public School in Lucknow, UP.
Exploring further
The Group sets up a Pre-School
Incorporating a new entity

Mr. Sarvesh Goel, Mr. Nityanand’s son, gets Anahita Hospitality LLP incorporated as an entity of the Mansingh Goel Group


Lucknow Run organized half marathon as part of Fit India campaign under the government.

Entering a hotel business

Under the Anahita Hospitality LLP, Mansingh Goel Group sets up a 5 star hotel “The Centrum” in Sushant Golf City, Lucknow

Expansion Milestone: Goel World

Opening of a new showroom at Sushant Golf City, Lucknow, strengthening our market presence and commitment to excellence in construction materials.

Dream come true

Established a new AND Production house to make films.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Visionaries driving innovation and success across industries.

Mr. Nitya Nand Goel

Mr. Nitya Nand Goel

BE in Mining Engineering

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Goel

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Goel

PG in Commerce

Mr. Ravi Shankar Goel

Mr. Ravi Shankar Goel

PG in Science

Mr. Manoj Kumar Goel

Mr. Manoj Kumar Goel

UG in Commerce

Mr. Anuj Goel

Mr. Anuj Goel

MBA in Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

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What industries does Mansingh Goel Group operate in?

We span agriculture, education, manufacturing, hospitality, and entertainment.

How long has Mansingh Goel Group been in business?

Since 1921, leading with innovation and excellence.

How does Mansingh Goel Group ensure the quality of its products and services?

We adhere to stringent quality controls and continuous improvement processes.

What educational institutions does Mansingh Goel Group operate?

We operate GD Goenka Public Schools in Lucknow, focusing on premier education.

Where are Mansingh Goel Group’s headquarters located?

Our main office is in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

What new projects is Mansingh Goel Group currently working on?

Stay updated on our latest ventures via our News & Updates section.