England Players will Eat Tunde Kebab and Malai Gilori:-

England players will eat Tunde Kebab and Malai Gilori, will take embroidered clothes to Britain. The India vs England match will be played on 29 October at Ekana International Cricket Stadium. Under this, the England team reached Lucknow on Friday and the team has been accommodated at The Centrum Hotel located in Golf City. The special thing is that here the players of England team will be tasted Malai Gilori, Tunde Kebab and all the famous flavors of Awadh. Arrangements for Awadhi food have also been made in this hotel.

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Actually, this hotel is an embodiment of Indian traditions. This is the reason that the food here will be according to the diet chart sent by BCCI for the players of England team, but separately, Awadhi food i.e. Tunde Kebab, Malai Gilori, Nihari of Lucknow and the famous Biryani of this place will also be included. The special thing is that along with the players of the England team, their families have also come to Lucknow. This is the reason why the hotel will also serve Awadhi food to the family members of England players like their children, wives and other foreign guests.

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Chikankari Clothes will be given as Gifts:-

Managing Director of the hotel, Mr. Sarvesh Goel told that not only the famous food of Lucknow will be fed to the players of England, their wives, children and foreign guests who have also come here, they will also be tasted and served the local taste. Although it depends on them how much they like it and how much they don’t, he also said that when the England team leaves from here, they will be gifted chikankari clothes of Lucknow in their farewell so that it can be used as a gift of Awadh’s identity. But they can take these clothes from here. He told that the England team is a guest for us, being foreign guests, they will also be introduced to Indian traditions in this hotel.

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