Fitness Enthusiast Sarvesh Goel

Fitness Enthusiast Sarvesh Goel:-

Fitness enthusiast Sarvesh Goel has nowadays been advised by doctors to be on rest due to a medical condition but he is itching to be back on track.

“I do a minimum of 30 km at a stretch so it’s unfortunate that I cannot ride for the next two months. Else, I keep cycling, and last month when I was in Nepal, I took time out to go on a bicycle ride for a break being close to nature,” he says.

Vikas Jain, who is a part of Lucknow Paddlers Club, tells, “We have a group of 4 to7 people who ride for six days a week. Saturday is a cheat day when we savoure samosa, chai, and bun-makkan while Sunday is a rest day. Since it’s very hot these days so we prefer riding in Janeshwar Mishra Park as it’s greener inside else we go.


Fitness Enthusiast Sarvesh Goel imgSarvesh Goel rides during his vacation.

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