G-20 Conference

G-20 Conference – All the buildings along the Shaheed Path will be one:-

G-20 conference, Buildings on both sides of Shaheed Path and up to The Centrum Hotel in the Sushant Golf City of Ansal API will be seen in one colour. Due to the G20 conference, the Lucknow Development Authority has made preparations to get these buildings in one colour. For this, buildings will be done in one color only with the consent and expense of the building owners.

The city is being beautified for the G-20 summit. Special attention is given to those areas from where foreign guests have to come. The foreign guests will proceed from the airport via Shaheed Path to The Centrum Hotel in Sushant Golf City. For this, to make the route more beautiful ++, preparations have been made to get the surrounding buildings in one color. The LDA has identified such buildings, which are seen coming and going on this route, and a list of all those has been prepared. The authority engineers have also contacted all the building owners and asked them to whitewash the building immediately.

All the buildings will be of foggy white colour:-

The LDA has decided on the color of the buildings. The color of all the buildings will be off-white. By the first week of February, the color of all the buildings will turn dusty white. LDA will get the one who does not change the color of his building himself. But its cost will be recovered from the concerned person.


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BJP Mahila Morcha made G20 rangoli in front of Imambara on Sunday

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