I-Day festivities:-

Pratisthan. “I-Day festivities are in the air and people want to move out, celebrate and dine. So, we are giving them the option to break free,” says organiser Sunny Singh.

Delicacies in Tricolour theme

Restaurants, bakeries, and hotels have come forward to offer a festive ambiance and some of them have gone to the extent to dish out delicacies in the saffron, white and green theme. “Our team of chefs, led by Atul Shankar Misra, has made several dishes in symbolic themes such as sushi, idli, dosa, raita, pasta, tomato mozzarella, chana toasts, rasgulla, mousse, and cakes to name a few. We have set up gala lunch at our 24-hour Plum restaurant,” tells Bhagwati P Pant, general manager of The Centrum Hotel, Lucknow.

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