Pledge to Save Water

Pledge to Save Water:-

GD Goenka School took the Pledge to Save Water, Water is not only necessary for our bodies to function, but it also promotes life in a variety of ways. We couldn’t cultivate crops, rear cattle, or maintain the other necessities of life without it. As a result, it is a resource that must be conserved first and foremost.

Working towards this noble cause, this year on the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday, a ‘Sewa Pakhwara’ was started which will continue till October 2, 2022, under which it is aimed to promote awareness about water conservation and supply safe drinking houses to each household. Carrying the mission forward, the Jal Shakti Minister in the Cabinet of Uttar Pradesh Government, Swatantra Dev Singh, visited GD Goenka Public School, Lucknow on September 23, 2022, to administer the oath of water conservation to students and motivate them to join the mission of saving water and supply of potable water to every household.

The Jal Shakti Minister is passionate about the objective of Water Conservation and is driving Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Pipe Water Connection to every Household by the year 2024. He addressed the students during the special assembly and all students took the pledge, with him, to save water and conserve it for future generations. In his address to the students, Swatantra Dev Singh encouraged the students to make conscious decisions to reduce water usage so that we can achieve a lower utility bill and a better environment.

He said that together we should make a continued effort to keep water drinkable and affordable for all humans and animals on our planet. On this occasion, the Chairman of the school Mr. Sarvesh Goel also addressed the students and urged them to work towards this cause if we want to sustain life on planet earth and want a better tomorrow. He asked the children to generate awareness among their friends, family members, and neighbours about the mindful usage of water and reducing wastage. He also suggested some ways to save water. The special assembly concluded with the National Anthem.

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