Remembering Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar:-

Remembering Lata Mangeshkar! Yatindra Mishra talking about the legendary singer The state capital witnessed an event that was devoted to the life and work of Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar, Author Yatindra Mishra, who had penned a book on the legendary singer’s life, narrated several incidents on the legendary singer during the evening held at a city club on Friday.
Mishra shared memories regarding Mangeshkar’s relationship with her younger sister and singer Asha Bhosle, her differences with Mohd Rafi over copyright issues, her love for cricket, and any fund-raisers for various causes she could be part of.
“Many ask me about her personal life and I would like to say that Lata didi was an assertive person and shared her thoughts easily with all. And, in the span of seven years of my association with her as well as during our conversations for the book she chose not to talk much about her personal life. So, it’s my duty to respect her privacy and not to embroil in any controversy. 1 would like to mention that she never ever spoke bad about anyone and had high regards for her colleagues as well.” added Mishra.
The event saw a full attendance by connoisseurs of music in presence of Sarvesh Goel, Jayant Krishna, Jyoti Sinha, Dr. Nakul Sinha, and Ravi Bhatt. Talking about the occasion Goel shared. The evening was all about a woman who ruled the music charts and people’s hearts for most of the 92 years that she lived! Her songs are still played and they will always make us smile. Her golden voice can never be silenced.”
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