Remembering Valentine’s Day:-

Valentine’s Day after marriage Everyone is remembering Valentine’s Day in the week, the first Valentine’s Day after marriage. Even if it is not, ten or twenty years ago, Valentine’s Day was limited to roses and greeting cards. With the passage of time the thinking changed, the hesitation was also broken and week people started celebrating this day as a seven-day festival. Arguments abound that in the run-up to each other, there are few excuses to make time for each other. On the pretext of this day, spend some time with each other. See what the couple says…

The date was final in Pune!

It has been 20 years of marriage with Lalita. Then Valentine’s Day was discussed, not celebrated. It started being celebrated for seven days over the last few years. Even today I do not like to eat if Lalita does not sit next to me. Every day is Valentine’s Day for us. Yes, the kids have grown up, so have them. It seems that parents also celebrate Valentine’s Day. If we stay in Pune, our Valentine’s date will remain there. – Sarvesh Goel

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