This beautiful hotel left Lucky Ali Spellbound:-

This beautiful hotel left Lucky Ali spellbound, Singer Lucky Ali during his recent visit to Lucknow, stayed at The Centrum, a hotel in Sushant Golf City, Gomti Nagar Extension. During his comfortable stay at the hotel, Ali said, “I am very surprised at the beautiful hotel and I never expected my experience of Lucknow to be like this. The staff at Centrum is very cordial and it was an amazing experience. The hotel is really massive and I like the thought that goes beyond the construction that if you remove E and H from Earth, you get Art.” He further went on to add, “Sarvesh Goel is an artist because of the beautiful hotel that he has built. With my heart, I would like to say that it has been an honour and I feel privileged to come to Lucknow to perform. I wish this place and our country a lot of progress.”

For the stay of the singer, Mr. Sarvesh Goel, promoter of The Centrum made top-class arrangements. He said, “We had our best suite reserved for Lucky Ali.” Later, while showing the property to Lucky Ali, Sarvesh explained, “We have developed the property with a lot of passion. We wanted to make it very unique and this is perhaps the only hotel that has a resort-like feel to it, despite being within city limits. We wanted to give our guests an international experience.”

This beautiful hotel left Lucky Ali Spellbound imageSarvesh Goel and Lucky Ali

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