Will test fitness in circuit run today

Will test fitness in circuit run today:-

Children, old and young people will test their fitness by running in kilometers, this unique ‘Lucknow Circuit Run’ of their kind will be held on Thursday inside Sushant Golf City. In this, women and men of all ages will run continuously for 12 hours, 6 hours, and 3 hours in a span of six kilometers. In this, it will be decided who runs how many kilometers in this time.

Organizing Secretary Sarvesh Goel said that the 12 and 6-hour races will be individual. While the 3-hour race will be relay. In this, four people will run alternately for 3 hours. The purpose of the race is to connect the citizens with the Prime Minister’s Healthy India Mission.

The ‘Circuit Lucknow Run’ is being organized exclusively for experienced runners and fitness enthusiasts. During the ‘Circuit Run’, participants will be provided with hydration, refreshment, and medical help. Along with T-shirts, finishers medals and certificates will also be given to those who complete the race.

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